Islamic Center Of Nashville

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Walk Off Crime walk
Saturday, Sept. 24th

Please join ICN for the You Have The Power's 7th Annual Walk off Crime walk in downtown .......More »

Caravan Tour of Places of Worship Sunday, Sept. 25th

ICN is collaborating with the Metro Human Relations Commission and other faith partners to help put together .........More »


We are still collecting donations for the tax liabilities tied with the Islamic ijara loan taken to build the Islamic School (NIA) in 2008. We are down to around $20K. Although we paid it off on Aug. 31st to allow further interest penalties, we had to spend $20k from our general fund, which is about one-fifth of all our general funds which is needed to run our operations this year. There is an urgency to collect the remaining 20k.

You can bring a check to ICN this Friday, or make a donation by clicking Here and choosing ICN Property Tax Payoff under Campaigns.

(or send a check to ICN):
2515 12th Ave. S
Nashville, TN 37204