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Classes Offered at Islamic Center of Nashville

To anyone new in our community, please note Sheikh Osama offers a series of wonderful weekly classes and all are welcome to attend (see class schedule below).

Issues Surrounding Islamic Fiqh

(Tuesdays 1 Hour Before Ishaa  @ ICN Bellevue)

Women's Halaqa

(Wednesdays from 7:00 PM @ ICN)

Issues Surrounding Islamic Fiqh

(Wednesday  45 Minutes After Maghrib @ ICN)

Quranic Tafseer

(Fridays After Maghrib @ ICN)

New Shahada Class

(Sundays 7:00 PM @ ICN)

Seerah Talk Class

(Sunday 45 Minutes After Maghrib @ ICN)


Nashville International Academy is accepting applications for their middle school program.

6-8th Grades have open seats. NIA is the only Accredited Islamic school in the Middle Tennessee Area. The middle school program will include a full Hifz program, whereby students are in Quran memorization every morning for one whole hour. The school is moving towards more academic rigor by adopting a Pre-AP program for middle school. Pre AP will prepare students for AP classes in their future high schools. 7th and 8th graders will be offered a Fundamentals of Design Elective, only offered at NIA. Core Subjects focus on Inquiry, Cooperative Learning. Project Based Learning, Creativity, Student Centeredness, and Academic Choice. Our program also integrates Social/Emotional Learning, Character Development, Human Rights Advocacy, and Community Service. We offer a safe environment where Muslim children learn and grow and develop the confidence to become productive citizens. Please register on the website under admissions! Click Here


Membership Sign Up for 2017

If you donated $50 or more, you automatically qualify to be an ICN member. Fill out the form by clicking the online form below.  You may also sign up for the first time as well and connect to the kindful donation link.. Click Here