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Jumma "Friday" Prayer: 1st Khutbah: 12PM-12:35PM 2nd Khutbah: 1PM-1:35PM Monthly Prayer Schedule

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2019 Ramadan Fundraising

ICN Operations: In 2019 Ramadan, we are looking to raise $147,840 for ICN operations, which is 56% of our Operations budget remaining to be raised. Please donate generously for ICN Operations: Click Here

ICN Renovations fund: ICN is planning to start a complete renovation of the masjid in the coming months, Insha’Allah. This fund is for the initial development phase for the renovations of ICN (Architectural, Civil & Structural Engineering, and Government Fees) which will cost approximately $30,000. Please donate your Sadaqa Jariah: Click Here

Zakat Al-Mal is the fourth pillar of islam, which is a mandatory charity on a certain percentage of wealth upon each Muslim.  Your donation to the Zakat Al-Mal fund helps ICN provide assistance to families in need. Click Here

Zakat ul Fitr is $10.00 per family member. ICN's Deadline to collect this amount is Friday, May 31, 2019. Click Here



ICN will be serving Iftar/Dinner on all 30 days of Ramadan. Please join us to break your fast with us.This Ramadan, ICN will have a 15 minute nightly talk before Isha' prayer focused on Influential Muslims and their Contributions throughout History.

We will be praying 20 Raqah of Taraweeh immediately following Isha'. Khatmul Qur'an will be on the 29th night of Ramadan, in coordination with other masjids similar to last year. Qiyam ul Layl will be in the last 10 days of Ramadan with Suhoor


Eid Prayer TUESDAY JUNE 4TH, TAKBEER 7:30 am, PRAYER 9:00 am SHARP



Ramadan 2019



Calling All Volunteers

Let us know how you can get involved at ICN, meet new people and serve the greater Nashville Community. Many great events coming up!
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Mental Health Resources Click Here

Being Muslim in the U.S 

This video offers a look inside the beliefs and attitudes of Muslims in America; it features data from Pew Research Center’s 2017 survey, as well as the personal stories of Muslims from across the United States. For more information, read the survey report: Click Here

Blessing Box

For many Nashville neighborhoods, poverty goes unseen but the need is very much there. Now, there's a permanent blessing box in 12South for people who need extra help. For Blessing Box Donation Wish List Click Here

The 3rd Annual Caravan Tour

The 3rd Annual Caravan Tour of Places of Worship took place on Sunday, Oct. 8th. It kicked off at ICN with a lunch and introduction to Islam presentation.  This year's theme was on Equality, Justice & Inclusion: Our Responsibility as Faith Communities.  The Bus tour of 80 participants went from the mosque (ICN), to the Gordon Jewish Community Center (to observe the 10th Anniversary of the Nashville Holocaust Memorial), the Sri Ganesha Hindu temple (where the attendees got to also learn about Buddhism) and the Greater Bethel AME church, which consisted of a diverse panel from different Christian denominations (AME, Baptist, Catholic and Church of Christ).  This was an opportunity to continue building bridges across the faith communities and community at large in Nashville, helping eliminate bigotry, racism and biases through proactively building relationships and through engaging in dialogue.


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