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In response to the wave of bomb threats toward Jewish Community Centers in Nashville and across the US

I was deeply saddened and disturbed to hear the news of the recent bomb threats to Jewish Centers in the area and across the nation. The threatening calls have a tremendous impact on the entire community. When we are discussing these centers, these sanctuaries for the faithful, we are discussing gathering places for children and families, our brothers and sisters in humanity. These are not threats against simple brick and mortar, but human lives. I know firsthand the impact that the community felt when we received the bomb threat at the Islamic Center in Murfreesboro. I feel strongly that we must all stand in solidarity, to choose love over hate, equality over discrimination, and become advocates for building bridges instead of divisions.

I do not believe that a statement alone is the proper response to incidents of this manner. Instead I call on everyone, especially our leaders, to stand together with my Jewish brothers and sisters to actively oppose Anti-Semitism in any form and to maintain zero tolerance of any level of discrimination directed toward anyone. Every member of our Nashville community and our beautiful country has the right to feel safe and welcome, and, equally, each of us has the responsibility to stand against efforts to intimidate or threaten any member of our community. It must be emphasized now more than ever that all of us must stand united against hate and violence. These hate crimes not only target the Nashville Jewish community, but also attack the basic values and ideals that bind us all.

We must all be vocal, protecting the right of each human being to live the life that he or she has chosen. Being quiet is no longer an option. When witnessing discrimination it is our duty to speak up; by choosing silence we are choosing acquiescence. We cannot afford to be in the backseat allowing trends or the current political environment to send a signal to certain individuals or groups that they have a license to spread hatred and violence. Nor can we allow these individuals and groups to breakdown the bridges of cooperation, community, and equality we have so carefully and diligently built by wielding fear as a weapon to intimate us into silence or complacency. We must stand together.

As a Nashvillian, I am proud of the efforts made by many to make this great city a welcoming place for all. I am optimistic that our city will serve as a model to others across our nation.

Finally, I want to emphasize that the phone threats to the Jewish Community Center in Nashville is a threat against us all. We should each view these threats as a threat against our own homes, our own centers, our own families, our own rights and our own way of life. Because it is.

With love and respect,

Imam Ossama Bahloul PhD.

January 19th 2017

Resident Scholar of the Islamic Center of Nashville



in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington- in support of creating a society where all women are free and able to care for and nurture their families in safe and healthy environments.




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To anyone new in our community, please note Sheikh Osama offers a series of wonderful weekly classes and all are welcome to attend (see class schedule below).

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Quranic Tafseer

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We are still collecting donations for the tax liabilities tied with the Islamic ijara loan taken to build the Islamic School (NIA) in 2008. We are down to around $20K. Although we paid it off on Aug. 31st to allow further interest penalties, we had to spend $20k from our general fund, which is about one-fifth of all our general funds which is needed to run our operations this year. There is an urgency to collect the remaining 20k.

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