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Up Coming Events

Faculty Breakfast Club

On Sunday, Oct. 16th, Br. Rashed was invited to speak at the Faculty Breakfast Club (for Meharry, Fisk and TSU) on Muslims in America and how the Islamic Center of Nashville is responding to and/or educating the community, and how we might assist in being agents of change.

Village Real Estate Visit. On Tuesday, Oct. 18th

we were delighted to host around 50 Village Real Estate realtors who visited ICN as part of their walk around the .........More »


Join us on the Bus for Early Voting with AMAC and ICN

Friday, October 21st, The American Muslim Advisory Council along with the League of Woman Voters, Islamic Cen.........More »

Sunday, October 23rd @ 11:30am

All ICN youth are welcome to attend a special youth forum led by our resident scholar Sheikh Osama Bahloul. .........More »


Father Ryan's Multicultural Student Union Visit on Oct. 27th

A group of high school students from Father Ryan will be visiting ICN to learn about Islam on Thursday, Oct. 27th, from 3:15pm - 4:45pm. If you know of other students interested please contact Br. Rashed at

Open Streets Nashville on Oct. 30th on 12South

Walk Bike Nashville is hosting Open Streets Nashville on Sunday, October 30, 2016, from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. ......... More »



Islam 101 , Oct. 30th, 11:30 am

Understanding our Faith for Practice and Education - Youth

The Youth/ Teenager Class on Sunday, Oct. 30th, will be taught by Br. Rashed Fakhruddin. This class will cover the basics on faith and practices, while sharing the history of ICN and Muslims in Nashville, and address the common misconceptions (Jihad, Tolerance, Women and Sharia). As so many things are erroneously being claimed about Islam, it is very important for Muslims/ Youth to be able to educate others about misconceptions that exist.


Classes Offered at Islamic Center of Nashville

To anyone new in our community, please note Sheikh Osama offers a series of wonderful weekly classes and all are welcome to attend (see class schedule below).

Issues Surrounding Islamic Fiqh

(Tuesdays after Magrib @ ICN Bellevue)

Women's Halaqa

(Wednesdays from 12pm to 1pm @ ICN)

Issues Surrounding Islamic Fiqh

(Wednesday 9:15 followed by Q&A @ ICN)

Quranic Tafseer

(Fridays immediately following Isha @ ICN - after the daylight savings time Isha on Fridays will move to 7 pm)

Muslim Youth Class - led by Dr Malik

(Sundays 11:30-1pm @ ICN)

New Shahada Class

(Sundays 6:30 @ ICN)

We are still collecting donations for the tax liabilities tied with the Islamic ijara loan taken to build the Islamic School (NIA) in 2008. We are down to around $20K. Although we paid it off on Aug. 31st to allow further interest penalties, we had to spend $20k from our general fund, which is about one-fifth of all our general funds which is needed to run our operations this year. There is an urgency to collect the remaining 20k.

You can bring a check to ICN this Friday, or make a donation by clicking Here and choosing ICN Property Tax Payoff under Campaigns.

(or send a check to ICN):
2515 12th Ave. S
Nashville, TN 37204