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Understanding Islamic Guidelines for Inheritance and Islamic Will at the Radiance Monthly Halaqa

Nashville, TN - On Friday, August 11th, the Islamic Center of Nashville at the 12 South hosted the Radiance Monthly Halaqa, and Community Dinner, which focused on Islamic guidelines for inheritance and Islamic will. Led by Imam Ossama Bahloul, the event provided attendees with valuable insights into this essential aspect of Islamic inheritance.

The event commenced after the Maghrib prayer, attracting a diverse audience eager to learn about Islamic inheritance and the significance of wills. Imam Ossama Bahloul offered a comprehensive understanding of the topic, emphasizing the equal treatment of male and female testators within Islamic law with some specific cases and examples.

One of the major takeaways from the evening was the Islamic principle that there is no distinction between genders in the rules and requirements regarding wills. Contrary to misconceptions, Islam does not discriminate against women in matters of inheritance. The Quran does not indicate that females will always receive half the amount a man does. Various situations were presented to illustrate this equality, including the scenario where parents and children are in the line of inheritance, wherein each parent receives an equal share of 1/6th, regardless of gender.

The Radiance Monthly Halaqa and Community Dinner served as a reminder of the inclusive nature of Islam and the importance of upholding equality in all aspects, including inheritance. The event highlighted the need for continued dialogue, education, and community participation to challenge and debunk misconceptions.

We are grateful for the response to the Radiance Monthly Halaqa and Community Dinner. We strive to provide a platform for education and understanding for our community, and this event was a step in that direction. Moving forward, the ICN 12 South is very open to any ideas for the upcoming halaqa.

Islamic Center of Nashville


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