"I visited the centre yesterday and found a great openness to share message of unity, love and peace which I had discovered. I am proud that the Centre in Nashville has become a beacon for understanding and sharing spiritual values. It was obviously money well spent!,” Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), Tennessean (Sept. 2016)

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Some of the partnerships and collaboration that ICN has fostered include:

12 South  Neighborhood Association
Belmont-Hillsboro Neighbors    
Belmont University’s Room In The Inn

Family of Abraham (FOA)

Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship (IMF)

Organized Neighbors of Edgehill (ONE)

Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

Nashville Organized for Action and Hope (NOAH)

Nashville Reads


South Nashville Fellowship Community Dev Corp.

Tennessee Immigrant & Refugees Rights Coalition

Vanderbilt University – Chaplain’s Office

You Have The Power
YWCA  (eliminating racism & empowering women)


To cite an example of a beautiful partnership, ICN, Belmont University and Congregation Sherith Israel are in its 7 th year of collaboration with the homeless project of Room In The Inn, working together weekly for 4 months every winter.

This message reflects the outreach and bridge building work that ICN has been involved with!

Cat Stevens was a major donor in 1979 that helped in the start of the Islamic Center of Nashville, located on 12South.

The mission of the Community Partnerships Committee for ICN is to develop long lasting positive and meaningful relationships with individuals and organizations in the Nashville community that will help form partnerships and foster a better understanding of Islam and the Muslim community.

The ICN welcomes group visits to our center to learn more about Islam and feel the mosque experience.  ICN offers an Islam 101: Understanding Your Muslim Neighbors in Nashville one hour class, which covers the basic tenets of Islam while addressing the common misconceptions, elephant in the room questions centered around Jihad, Women and Sharia.  

On the average, ICN hosts one group visit a week throughout the year.  People from all sorts of organizations, from many non-profits, universities, chamber, mayor's office, media, professional sports, fitness, school, law enforcement, etc., including neighbors and celebrities, have been by the ICN.

ICN helps conduct diversity tours for cadets, universities, etc., while conducting teachers workshops for the major universities with teaching programs, as well as for educators in our school district.


Besides regularly entertaining visitors to learn about Islam, we hold several major events, which include our annual Diversity Brunch, which has drawn almost 1,000 attendees in the past, our annual Black History Month event and our Ramadan Class/ Dinners program, where we offer around 6 class/ dinner programs during Ramadan, allowing an opportunity for visitors to break bread with the Muslim community.

To schedule a group visit, email:

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Meet Rashed Fakhruddin, ICN's Director of Outreach and Community Partnerships


Rashed Fakhruddin, an engineering supervisor by profession at the power company (NES), is the director of community partnerships at the Islamic Center of Nashville. For the last 2 decades, Rashed has been coordinating and providing presentations on Islam to universities, schools, leadership groups and other organizations upon request in order to help develop a better understanding of Muslims, while building bridges and fostering stronger relationships within the community.  Through his profession, he speaks to freshmen on professional and life skills, while serving on the Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology Partnership Council for the last decade and presently chairing it.

As a result of his work in the community, Rashed has most recently received the following awards:


  • Women's Political Collaborative of Tennessee's Good Guys Award - for demonstrating leadership and advocacy towards women’s issues•

  • Community Nashville Human Relations Award – for being a humanitarian for building respect and understanding differences, while being committed to fighting bias, bigotry and racism.

  • PENCIL’s Volunteer of the Year Award in 2015 for Metro Nashville Public Schools.

  • Southerner of the Year honoree by Southern Living Magazine in 2016 

  • YWCA’s MacDonald/ Negri (“Man of the Year”) award in 2017 for dedicating time and energy in the AMEND Together initiative to engage men to help end violence towards women and girls.

  • Conexion Americas’ Annual Amigo We Love Award in 2017 – which recognizes a non-Hispanic individual who has helped empower Latinos through their work, their service or actions.

  • Nashville Predators’ Walmart Community Playmaker honoree in January of 2018 

  • Vanderbilt University’s Alumni Public Service Award in October of 2018

  • Nashville Public Education Foundation’s Public Schools Hall of Fame Distinguished Alumni Award in October of 2018

Rashed is one of 3 children, and is married with 3 children. He moved to Nashville in 1970 as a small child. Rashed loves to play basketball, watch sports and exercise.


Those gifted with knowledge see that what was revealed to you from your Lord is the truth; and it guides to the path of the Majestic, the Praiseworthy. 34:6.

We are delighted to welcome groups to the Islamic Center for an open question and answer discussion. We believe in freedom without limitations and it is a given right for each person to speak their mind.  We guarantee respect and we welcome disagreement.

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Coffee with Imam
Islam Q&A Discussion 

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Exalted is Allah, the True Sovereign. Do not be hasty with the Quran before its inspiration is concluded to you, and say, “My Lord, increase me in knowledge.”20:114

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all classes have been shifted to an online platform.  Following are some of recent class series/topics that the Islamic Center of Nashville offered via zoom recently.

Friday Reflections

Fiqh Issues / Designed to answer questions received through emails and highlight critical fiqh issues for Muslims in the West

Tajweed for Arabic Speaking Sisters

Tajweed for non-Arabic Speaking Sisters

Sisters Halaqah

Sisters Maqrah

Nutrition for the Soul: Reflection of a Verse from the Quran

Raising Children Series

Class topics/schedules are updated regularly and announced via weekly newsletters/text services.  Please email for updated class schedule and zoom links. 


NIA is the largest and only AdvancED accredited Islamic school in the area that serves students from Pre-Kindgergarten to 9th grade.  Students come from many surrounding communities within Middle Tennessee.

NIA was founded in 1995 under the leadership of the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN). In 2004, the school recharted as an independent, college preparatory, Islamic school.  While the school is a separate, nonprofit educational entity, it is still affiliated with the ICN, and the property is owned and operated by ICN. 

Through the summer of 2012 and the 2012-2013 school year, the school community, went through an overhaul of its entire academic program and the accreditation process, and was granted accreditation with AdvancED in the spring of 2013.  In 2016, NIA revamped its mission and vision to become a model Islamic Whole Child school.​ In 2018, NIA received dual accreditation from AdvancEd and CISNA (Council of Islamic Schools of North America).

Learn more about enrolling your children and/or to support NIA, please visit

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Two weekend school programs operate in ICN Bellevue campus with slightly varying programatic focus, but with same mission.   

ICN Quran and Islamic Studies Program

Classes: Quran and Islamic Studies

Location: ICN Bellevue Mosque prayer halls

Address: 7337 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN

Ages: Children above 5 years old
Time: Saturdays and Sundays - 9:30-1:15 
(Please enroll your kids, even if they can attend only one day)
Fees: $60/month (Scholarships available)
Registration & Contact:

Hassan Sunday School

Classes: Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies

Location: Nashville International Academy class rooms 

Address: 7335 Charlotte Pike, Nashville 37209

Ages: 1st grade- High school

Time: Sundays 10:30-1:30
Fees: $50/student/month


Or 6154736255

Girls Praying

ICN is a sponsor for Nashville MIST competition

Learn about Youth Leadership program in Nashville offered by AMAC

Learn about Youth programs in Greater Nashville area organized by Anhar Institute


One-on-one classes will be given to persons who have recently made Shahadah and then the student will move into the regular educational program. Please contact

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