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ICN Membership Deadline Extended to Aug 20; Message from ICN Board of Trustees (BOT)

Dear ICN Community Members,

ICN election will be held on Oct. 21st and Oct. 22nd. The deadline for Membership is Sat. Aug. 20th. Please note the following membership guidelines:

Scenario 1 - 2022 Membership from 1/1/21-6/23/22

Anyone who was a member prior to June 23rd, 2022, based on the donation criteria to become a member prior to the passage of the constitution ($120 or $10/ month), will remain a member within the new constitution for the remainder of 2022. This period goes from 1/1/21 thru 6/23/22. We request the members to fill out the online forms to ensure we have up-to-date info and to enter spouse names if applicable. No fees are required as the donations were received during that period.

Scenario 2 - New Members from 6/23/22 - 8/20/22

Anyone who was not a member from 1/1/21 - 6/23/22 and would like to become a member must fill out a membership form and pay the dues of $10 per person. (Please note: if a membership form is filled and a spouse is added, then the total would be $20.

ICN Board of Trustees

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