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Automate your Giving: Become a Sustainer at ICN

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

We pray your Ramadan has been filled with blessings and khair so far!

In addition to extra remembrance, good deeds, and fasting, giving in charity is a beautiful way to maximize your rewards during this blessed time of year.

During this special time in Ramadan, we are appealing to you for enrolling in recurring donations ("Sustainers") at ICN 12 South. ICN’s existing “Sustainers” are community members who regularly commit to giving a certain amount weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

These ongoing recurring donations provide reliable funding for the masjid while minimizing fundraising and administrative costs, ensuring more gifts directly impact the quality of our services.

We currently have 116 "Sustainers" who give anywhere between $5 - $400 on auto-draft, averaging $50/monthly per person (less than cost of 10 lattes or 3 streaming services a month).

Please sign up to become an ICN “Sustainer” and help us reach our goal of 143 "Sustainers" by the end of this Ramadan 1443!

If you already are a “Sustainer”, please consider increasing your recurring donation and asking your friends and family to become “Sustainers”.

The Prophet ﷺ said "The Most Beloved of Deeds to Allah SWT Are the Most Consistent of Them" (Al-Bukhari)

Follow these Simple Steps to become a Sustainer

1. Click the "Automate Your Giving" link above and select or enter an amount.

2. Click on "Recurring" as frequency

3. Select a frequency from the drop-down, and click "Give".

4. Complete the payment information and click "Give"!


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