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Muslim Cheer Group at Leagues Cup Final 2023

We came together, we prayed together, we cheered together, we grieved together and we congratulated together Nashville Soccer Club for putting on a fight with Miami in their close loss which came down to the last PK by the goalies. Although it was cool for many to watch the GOAT of soccer, Messi, we were even more excited to root for our member and MLS MVP Hany Mukhtar in both a national and global spotlight!

We now have a large Muslim cheer group and we gathered together (unofficial tailgate) to perform our sunset / Maghrib prayer next to the Comfort Room / Quiet Area (on the main concourse near Sec. 127 on the goal side opposite the standing cheering section) designated for our prayers. The room was too small to accommodate us so we prayed in front led by Br. Faraj Hassan (a former rapper, 4th year at Mehary Medical College student, and one of the celebrities of the last night) who also led that famous prayer in Times Square several years ago (follow him to listen to some beautiful qirat (recitation). Although we also prayed for a victory, we pray for an even larger MLS Cup victory in the Fall! Thank you and Mukhtar for bringing such excitement to Nashville!



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