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Eid Al-Adha is Friday July 31st, 2020; Eid Day events

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

As Salaamu Alaikum Community,

Eid Mubarak to all of you. 

The first day of Dhul-Hijjah was Wednesday, July 22nd.

The Day of Arafah will be Thursday, July 30th

Eid Al-Adha will be Friday, July 31st 2020.


Eid Prayer

Eid Prayer is not equivalent to Friday Prayer. An individual is able to pray alone, with family or in a group. Please see the below fatwa from the Fiqh Council for further explanation: 

Takbeerat Eid al-Adha

The Takbeerat after the prayers for Eid al-Adha starts after the Fajr of the Day of Arafah, the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah, Thursday July 30th

and will conclude after the Asr of the fourth day of Eid, Monday August 3rd.

How to Pray Eid

The steps for performing Salat al-Eid

  • Begin by making takbeer after fajr. 

  • Pray Fajr prayer. (Eid salat is NOT a replacement of Fajr prayer)

  • Shower and wear your best outfit.

  • Make takbeer with your family.

  • Around 8:00 a.m. and after making Wudu, lead your family in two rakat.

  • After the 1st Takbeerh of the salat make Takbeer seven more times before reciting al- Fatahah.

  • Resume your salat normally and after standing from sajud make Takbeer five times and complete your Salat as normal.

**Different Schools of Thought have various opinions regarding the number of Takbeerat, all are acceptable**  

  • The recitation of Salat al-Eid is an aloud recitation

  • There is not a Khutbah for Salat al-Eid while praying at home.

  • After salah, if you are going to perform a sacrifice, eat from that meat after Eid prayer.

Eid Reflection via Zoom

Join us for a 20 minute reflection at 8:30 over Zoom.

Mtg ID 895-2094-3230

Pw 066453  

Festive Activities on the Day of Eid

Happiness and excitement, sharing gifts and giving good wishes continues to be an essential part of Eid. Please see the good work of the Family and Youth Institute for their beautiful suggestions on how to make this unusual Eid special. 

Celebrate with some of these ideas with close friends and families while applying the rules of social distancing. 

Excuse Letter for Eid Al-Adha Holiday 

Download Here:

Important Covid-19 Reminder from AMAC

Eid Mubarak

The ICN Team

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