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ICN Reopening on June 18th after remodeling

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

It is with gratitude and excitement that we are announcing the reopening of ICN after its remodeling.

  • Gratitude to Allah that He honored us all to be a part of the remodeling of His house.

  • Appreciation to our members, to you, for your contributions, Duas, and support.

ICN will open its doors again Friday, June 18th with Jummah Prayers at noon and 1:00 PM

In order for the community to see the completion of the remodeling and to share thoughts and ideas about new programs while also remaining mindful of the CDC's recommendations, we have planned a week of activities to engage various parts of the community.

The re-opening programs will be as follows:

June 18, Friday Noon and 1:00 PM

Friday Khutbah

Proper Etiquette in the Masjid: Lessons Learned from Rasul's Masjid in Medina - (Sh. Ossama)

June 18th, Friday 8:00 PM

Community Discussion

Overview of the Renovation and the plans for the new facility (Dr. Jaweed and Br. Kamel)

June 19th, Saturday 8:00 PM

Young Professionals & College Students

Discussion: Being an Essential Part of the Solution.

June 20, Sunday 4:30-6:30 PM

Open House

A tour of the mosque, History of ICN, honoring the legacy of Dr. AKM Fakhruddin, and intro to Islam 101 & Q/A (Br. Rashid)

June 21, Monday 8:00 PM

Sisters Discussion

Highlighting Role of the Sisters in the Community

June 22, Tuesday 8:00 PM

Kids and Family

Bring the kids to have a fun family evening in the Masjid.


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