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Message From Imam Ossama Bahloul May 31, 2020

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

My religion has taught me to see everyone around me as a child of Adam and Eve, born with dignity and equal rights.

Caring about the sanctity of life is one of the major objectives within the religion of Islam. God has taught us that killing an innocent person is equivalent to killing the whole of humankind; and whoever saves it, it is as though he saved the whole of humankind. Furthermore, God said, “Did you kill a pure soul, who killed no one? You have done something terrible.” 18:74 It is obvious from those verses that God used the term soul or person without specifications to highlight the equality and the dignity of each soul regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, level of knowledge or way of life.

I feel strongly that we must all stand in solidarity, to choose love over hate, equality over discrimination, and become advocates for building bridges instead of divisions. We should each view acts of discrimination and violence against any person as an act against our own families, our own rights, and our own way of life, because it is.

The death of Mr. George Floyd was a horrific act that should not have happened. We must face this situation with deep reflection, justice and hope for a real change.

Sincerely, Imam Ossama Bahloul PhD Resident Scholar of ICN

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