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ICN Renovation Project Updates

Updated: Jan 10

Update 1/9/21

Update (1/1/21)

Restroom work progressing

Update (12/23/20)

Reframing of deteriorated studs are now complete. Rerouting drainage pipes underway. You may scroll down to see earlier pictures of water damage in the rest rooms/wudu areas.

Project updates and pictures (update 12/16/20)

Demolition work is 75 % done. Drywall installation has started. Roof dome work is scheduled to be started next week. Window manufacturer has huge backlog and will be delayed till end of January/ early February. Interior doors have been ordered and expected arrival is late January. Work will be slow in next two weeks due to holidays and covid. We are trying to press as best we can to expedite renovation. Some challenges remain but alhamdulillah we are pleased with progress so far considering the holiday season and covid related delays.

Work in Progress at Musalla Areas (update 12/10/20)

Carpet is gone! so as internal doors and wall partitions! Demolition continues.

Organization, Inventory Documentation, Donation of Usable Materials and Removal of Clutter (update 12/6/20)

ICN has been organizing everything within the masjid into boxes and labelling them for last several weeks. All good quality re-usable materials like carpets, chairs, office furniture were donated to local masjids. Unusable items were trashed. Paper documentation were sorted and separated out for digitization. All remaining items were inventoried and send to storage. This has been a major task! Thank you for all volunteers who assisted!

Work in Progress-Demolition of Restrooms (Updated on 11/30/20)

Wudu area and restroom water damages: It looks like the wooden frame is completely rotten and falling apart down to the exterior brick.

ICN 12south Masjid closed for renovations (updated on 11/25/20)

With the blessing of Allah and the assistance of many people; ICN 12 South has conducted a thorough study over the last 5 years in how to best improve the facility. As you may recall, this facility was built more than 30 years ago and currently in need of critical repairs to address several ongoing maintenance issues. Many options were considered, including teardown and rebuilding a two-level building, a one level building, and a major renovation completely changing the floor plan. Finally, it was decided to do a renovation that mostly maintains the current footprint and design. Nevertheless, this is planned to be a major renovation that serves the needs of our community for many years, inshallah. The construction will inshallah, start this week and the Masjid will be shut down for approximately 90 days. Regular updates will be provided on the progress. This renovation will entail the following: -Improving the women's area including a private area in the front and an open area in the back -A larger foyer for women, and a larger, relocated women’s bathroom-Complete gutting and rebuilding of both men’s and women’s bathroom from scratch, with all new fixtures and fittings -New tiles in floors and walls of both bathrooms. -New drop ceiling in Men's Bathroom and rear classroom -Installing solar tubes in masjid for daylight -New metal dome with 35 year warranty on color fade/damage/deterioration, and lifetime warranty on leakage -All new windows with lifetime warranty on materials and labor -New paint on exterior brick with exterior repairs and new gutters -Replacing all exterior lighting fixtures -Replacing all 5 exterior doors and hardware including front entry door. -Replacing all interior and closet doors with new hardware -New tiles in both foyers and front office -New carpet in masjid -Upgrading the audio-visual system -New tile wainscoting in entire masjid -Renovating the mimbar -New paint and artwork in masjid -All new interior light fixtures -New shoe racks for both foyers -New bookcases for rear classroom and Imam’s office. -Re-surfacing the parking lot

The total cost estimate is $427,000

Less: Amount already collected $277,000

Remainder: Fundraising goal $150,000

1)The EC has approved to proceed with this work. 2) We have set a date for December 4th to hold a fundraising campaign to fund the remainder amount needed. You will be receiving an invitation with more details. 3) The construction will inshallah, start this week and the Masjid will be shut down for approximately 90 days. Regular updates will be provided on the progress. 4) This is happening at a time when Covid-19 infection numbers are increasing at an alarming rate and the risk of infections is at an all-time high. We want to remind the community that Sheikh Ossama has issued a statement with regards to the vulnerable, those that care for the vulnerable, as well as the female and young persons; excusing them from attending the Jummah Services. We ask you to make dua for the success of this project, and the community at large.

Again, The ICN 12 South will be closed for Jummah on Friday November 27th and for the next 90 days.

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