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Sh. Ossama Bahloul's weekly educational programs

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Tafseer of the Quran Class

Every Friday Night After Maghrib

In-person at ICN 12 South

Sh. Ossama Bahloul

Q & A and Discussion

Every Friday Night 9:00 PM

In-person and over Zoom

Sh. Ossama Bahloul

Meeting ID: 895-2094-3230

Meeting Password: 066453

If you have questions to ash for this discussion, please submit your questions here:

Sister's Weekly Halaqa

Every Wednesday Nights 8:15 PM

Sh. Ossama Bahloul

Over Zoom

Note: Sister Halaqa link is the same private link used during Ramadan. If you do not have the link, please complete the request form: Register for Sisters halaqa

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